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Technology and digitalisation have had a major impact on the workplace and some see this trend as an opportunity, but a vast majority of respondents also feel that technology in offices makes them feel less connected to their coworkers, says a survey.

57% survey respondents from India mentioned they have changed their jobs in last six months, which is an increase from 45% from the last quarter. This trend is reflected really high within employees in the age group of 35 - 44 years followed by employees within the age group of 25 - 34 years. Moreover, among Indian employees, the job loss fear has increased to 27% over the last quarter, indicating diminishing confidence among them, the survey said.

About the
Workshop :


#LetItOut100 is a unique motivational seminar which targets the subconscious thinking of your team. This seminar will primarily help you build a team of trusting and confident employees. A strong team helps in the building of strong goals and cultivates a team culture that works hard towards achieving them.

This workshop will:
  • Motivate employees to trust, work, and deliver.
  • Keep employees focused on company's mission and KRA's.
  • Assist your employees with a career roadmap.
  • Help you in empowering and retaining employees.
Who should attend:
  • Business owners / Entrepreneurs
  • VP's / GM's in role of Human Resource Management
  • Recruitment Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • Independent HR Professionals
  • One to Two Hours
Contact for booking:
  • +91 - 8237016167

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