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Digital Marketing Expert Program

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As we are heading towards digitization, the conventional methods of marketing are shifting to online mode. The escalating demand for digital marketing can be seen among MBA students and professionals.

Here we are offering a six-week training program every Saturday & Sunday. The training program will be demonstrated by Mr. Amit Jadhav, who holds 20 years of Marketing experience and 10 years of Business experience.

The course is designed for MBA students and professionals pursuing MBA in digital marketing. It will help them to explore their professional skills and learn marketing tactics.

Never before in the history has technology been a driving force to define the way we do business. Today's customer is more educated than every before and he is not looking at informer he's looking at informal friend. Your buyer is socially connected, mobile and realtime informed. Digital marketing has collided the divide between Sales, Marketing, Branding, Business Development. You can only adapt or stay alive. Roles played by Sales and Marketing professionals are still the same but platforms and tools are different.

How can you benefit from this program?

The course will open up fresh opportunities for MBA students and professionals.

The syllabus is designed by industry experts who follow different approaches for explanation like live sessions, videos, and use cases.

It will help you to acquire skills in Marketing Analytics, Web Analytics, Digital Advertising, Business Growth Strategies, Social Media, SEO, and SEM. We will guide you through certain tools of Digital Marketing such as Google Ads, MailChimp, and Google Analytics.

Upon completion of the course, MBA professionals can enhance their chances for promotion. MBA students may also increase their prospects for new professional opportunities such as roles for Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Executive, Market Research Analyst, or Advertising Manager.

what you will get

Learn the Social Media Wheel of Attraction

Get proven readymade templates of lInked profile that get visitors.

Hack trending topics and automate content for posting without creating it.

Trick to connect with people who are 3rd level connections and beyond.

Message all your connections with automation tools.

Create stunning graphics with our designing one.

The Linked secret sauce which Linkedin doesn’t tell you.

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Evaluate - digital presence

Understand your entire digital footprint

Know google registrations

Research reviews and ratings

What are people saying about you on internet

G.A.P. analysis to competition

Current site linkages

Your teams digital presence

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Social media and website management

Understand website coding language

Know server details and certifications

Website analysis

Your current social media platforms with fans

Engagement percentage

Content analysis

G.A.P. analysis to competition

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digital competitor analysis

Identify who your competitors are on social media

Know which platforms they’re on

Know what they’re doing on those platforms now

Know what they did before

Know how well their social strategy is working for them

Know their threats to your business

Identify gaps in your own strategy

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Research of keywords

Analytics and Keywords

Competitive Analysis Report

Performance in PPC Tests

Keyword Research Report

Implementation Timeline

Tools to help you succeed

Trending Topics

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Create a professional social media presence

Design Facebook / twitter / youtube cover images

Design page layouts for each of the social media sites

Update pending information

Your current social media platforms with fans

Integrate various sites with each other

HINGE activity

G.A.P. analysis to competition pages

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Design strategy for Content creation

Analysis fo types of content that drive engagement in your industry

Implement and teach tools to create content

Tools for graphic design for posts on Facebook / Linkedin / Twitter.

Create and help with video content tools

Video audio images free tools throughout the year

Strategy for right content to generate leads

Integration with other channles and emails

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Search Engine Optimization

Complete SEO Audit on your website

On-Site and Off-Site SEO Techniques.

Create SEO Optimized Landing Pages.

Technical SEO strategy + Optimization

Optimize Your Content for RankBrain

Accelerated Mobile Performance and Mobile Optimization

Web Analytics (Google Analytics,Search Console)

Advanced SEO Internal Deep Linking

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Tools to automate Social media channels

Posts scheduling to various networking sites

Bot coding and execution for facebook

Auto responses setup

Intergration with CRM

Short links for analysis

Cross posting

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Lead generation strategy

Create your buyer persona

Understand and search what networks your potential customers are on

Establish a CRM tool for daily activites

Design campaigns month-wise for lead generation

Funnel and reach prospects with right content

Establish synergy between your sales and marketing teams

Strategy for online/offline integration

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Email marketing with social CRM

Setup email templates

Create your presence on email marketing tool

Capture leads from social directly into CRM via email marketing

Tools for extracting email addresses of potential customers

Scheduling month-wise

Short link creation for analysis

Campaign management

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Hand holding for entire team to run Campaigns

Involve your team from Day 1 in the process

Adopt new tools and train your team for same

Distribute resources which can help throughout the year

Create a culture of independent brand ambassadors

Layout plan where every employee will addd to content creation

Social Media management tools with login password

Online help 365 days in case your team is stuck

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Advertisement Strategy

How to build ads and audience

Finding visuals for your ads that work

Capturing lead from facebook lead generation ads

Creating custom audiences and audience insights

How to design campaigns and evaluate to grow funnel

Running video ads by creating video in free facebook tools

ROI by driving online traffic to offline source


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